Tips For Organizing Your Camera Accessories

When you have accumulated a lot of digital camera accessories through the years, you need to find a way to organize them. This way, you will be able to find what you’re looking for in a fast and easy manner. When you know where you keep them, you save time and effort in looking for the things that you want to use.

Storing your accessories in the drawer is a good idea but if you’re the type of person who keeps forgetting and want to find items quickly, you should use organizers that have transparent materials. If you have lots of lenses, for instance, you can actually use a shoe organizer that can be hung on the wall or on your door. Get a clear shoe organizer where you can slip in your lenses and grab them easily when you need to use one. If you need to hang it on the door, make sure it does not swing and bang on it or on the wall. Hanging it on the closet door is ideal as this does not get slammed too often.

These clear shoe organizers normally come in different sizes and colors. So get one that fits your personality. If you’re the creative type, however, you can create your own design using durable materials.

With regards to cables, there’s also an easy way to organize them. Did you know that the toilet paper roll is very helpful? Yes, that’s right.

This toilet paper roll that is often used in school and art projects can also be used to keep and protect your cables. If you have several cables to organize, just get a shoe box or any medium sized box and the appropriate number of paper rolls. To keep your cables intact, fold them according to the length of the toilet paper roll and simply put them inside. To make sure that they don’t fall, you can tape the rolls together.

Another option is to buy a plastic box organizer of just the right size to store your cables. There are boxes that have a handle outside similar to a tool box and have divisions inside as well. You can check out online or in physical stores to be sure you’re getting what you really want.

Having a good camera bag is also best. Find one that has various compartments to accommodate your digital camera accessories. There should be compartments for lenses and filters, batteries, memory cards and your camera. For the memory card, normally there’s an inner pocket with a zipper that you can use to keep and protect your storage cards.

Being organized in your personal belongings is an admirable trait. It shows that you value your possessions and you want them to last long.

As owners of digital cameras, it is also your responsibility to find ways to store your device and accessories properly. This way, you eliminate the chances of getting them damaged. Keep in mind that when you care for your camera, it will also stay with you for a long time.