Do Cheap DSLR Cameras perform?

Cheap DSLR camera is a bit of an oxymoron really. Even the cheapest DLSR cameras are still far more expensive than ‘normal’ cameras. However, we are not going to look at them in comparison to normal cameras. We are going to compare them to their more expensive counterparts in the DSLR world. So, are cheaper DSLR cameras worth it? Let’s look!
Firstly, it is worth noting that there are no real ‘off brand’ DSLR cameras. All the cheaper DSLR cameras on the market have been produced by some of the biggest names in the business. So, think like Nikon and Canon. These are companies that take great pride in their reputation. They do not want you to think poorly of them. As a result, they produce quality cameras. They are not going to be the greatest on the market, but they work. The intention is to get you to buy into their camera ecosystem e.g. their lenses and their accessories. They want you to upgrade your camera in the future.
Your cheap DSLR is not going to be brimming with the features that more expensive units tend to have. For example, you may not have a touchscreen to control the settings. Not necessary, but useful when it comes to tinkering. In fact, you may even have less control over the settings in the camera. For example, you may have less control over the ISO rating which means that shooting in low light situations may be a touch more difficult. It is worth noting that the features which tend not to be included in the cheap DSLR cameras are those which enable somebody to get professional-level shots. If you are looking for slightly better vacation snaps than normal, then a cheaper DSLR should be fine.
A DSLR camera really comes to life when you attach a quality lens to it. If you purchase a cheap DSLR kit, then it will come with a cheaper lens. This lens will perform under most circumstances, so that is fine. However, if you wish to take your photography to the next level then you may wish to purchase a few additional lenses.
One of the wonderful things about purchasing a cheap DSLR is that many of the accessories that you purchase can be used with more expensive cameras. For example, all lenses made to fit Nikon cameras should fit their entire range. This includes their lenses from before digital was a thing. This means that if you upgrade in the future, you will not have to purchase a huge array of new accessories.
It is worth noting that the build quality of cheaper DSLR cameras will be slightly lower than the more expensive units. So, a cheap camera may have a plastic body while a larger camera may have a metal body. This may not be so important if you are purchasing a camera to take on a quick trip, but if you are looking to use the camera professionally then it may be an issue. You do want something which is as durable as possible.
So, in summary, if you are in the market for a DSLR camera but do not have that much in the way of money to spend, then you absolutely should spend some of that cash on a cheap DSLR camera. If you read reviews beforehand, then the chances of you ending up with a dud camera are slim!