Digital Camera Accessory Tips

Now that you are the proud owner of that brand new digital camera, I bet you are looking for just the perfect digital camera accessory to go along with it. There are a multitude of accessories available, so read along and see what some of my recommendations are.

One of the first things I would personally recommend would be a UV filter. Not only will it help to block the UV light which can give your photographs a slightly blue tint, but perhaps more importantly, it will protect your expensive lens from becoming scratched. I don’t know about you, but I would certainly rather replace an inexpensive UV filter, than my expensive camera lens.

Another great digital camera accessory is most definitely an additional memory stick. There is nothing worse than being caught with a full memory stick when you are somewhere without your computer to download your digital photographs to. They come in many sizes from small, usually around 64MB or less, to very large 512MB or larger. For most of us, somewhere in the middle is fine. Price is usually the determining factor here, but sometimes the largest versions can tend to make even the best of us a bit lackadaisical about downloading our digital pictures to our computers. That’s a bad habit to get into. You don’t ever want to trust your priceless memories to just one storage medium. Back-up, Back-up, Back-up! I can’t say that enough.

A tripod is probably a more useful digital camera accessory than you might first think. You might be surprised how many times you find yourself in a situation where the level of light just isn’t high enough and a flash would ruin the shot. Probably even more likely is the number of times throughout your photographic journey you will want to take a group photo, and wouldn’t it be nice if you were in that photo? Well, with a tripod you can be. Almost every camera made these days has at least a basic delay function to allow you time to position yourself in the photo. You don’t necessarily even have to go in for the full size unit. There are a number of table top versions available that work perfectly for most occasions.

A final and absolutely necessary digital camera accessory would be a camera bag. Even if your new camera came with a small carry bag, you will probably soon find yourself in dire need of more space than the original one has. As you accumulate more digital camera accessories, you will need someplace to keep them. Batteries, a small battery charger, lens filters, additional memory sticks, the list goes on. You will definitely need plenty of pockets in your camera bag to hold all your new gear.

You have just embarked on a great new journey. Don’t be afraid to get that perfect, new digital camera accessory to top it all off with. And most of all have a great time enjoying your new hobby.